Freelancer Resources

If you missed our Sept. 3 freelancer panel, this is the roundup of resources. Thank you to the Women of Words members on the panel who shared their great information and advice: Lisa Mitchell, Wendy Darrow, and Jana Pruet-Whitson!


In-Person Networking Groups


Freelancer/Job Sites

Other Sources

  • Look in your neighborhood for small businesses that need help. For example, maybe a store you frequent needs help with its social media presence. The owner of a small business is more likely to trust a patron like you over a big company that’s pitching social media services.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a freelance editor, proofreader, or writer, P.N. Waldygo is a wealth of information. Her site,, includes how to make a living as a freelance book editor, her extensive list of set fees/rates for a variety of editing and writing work, etc.


  • Find a mentor.
  • If you approach people for freelance work and they don’t have any for you, always say, “If you can’t help me, do you know who can?” Try to get contacts to continue your search.
  • If you ask the people in your network often enough for freelance work, eventually they will approach you with work and/or recommend you to others because they know you’re available.
  • Use a portfolio website to showcase your work. Here are a few:


  • Ask for part of the total project fee up front. For example, if you’ve quoted a client $3,000 for a website writing project, ask for $1,500 up front so you aren’t working for free.
  • Develop a package system for your work hours that the client can purchase up front. Examples: 30 hours for $900 and 10 hours for $400.
  • Research what other freelancers are charging/making at sites like these:
  • Ask your freelancing peers what they charge per hour and per project, if they are comfortable talking about it.
  • Keep in mind that agencies bill clients at least double what you make, and the agency keeps half. For example, if you get $35 per hour for editing, the agency is probably charging the client $70 per hour for your time.