Member Spotlight: Amanda Polewski

Meet Amanda! She can attest to the power of networking. While attending our May meeting, she mentioned that she was looking for new opportunities. Right then, another Women of Words member offered to connect her with someone who had an opening that would be a great fit. It worked out, and Amanda started her new position shortly afterward.

Sure, it’s not alwaysAmanda Polewski that easy, but you never know who you’ll meet when you attend a Women of Words meeting. Those connections could lead to opportunities for you, just like they did for Amanda. Here’s what she has to say about her new position (and a little more)!

Job title and company: Marketing Coordinator, Montgomery Coscia Greilich

What’s the best thing about your new position? The chance to help translate a lot of potential across a few business functions into something really positive for the whole company. And, of course, the really open and friendly culture!

What are you reading right now? A couple of things: a biography of Elizabeth of York, Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, and the first-ever English translation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales (first edition)—minus their later heavy editing for content.

What’s your favorite word or phrase? I have always been very partial to the word “elusive” because I think it sounds exactly like what it means. I also love the phrase “a murder of crows,” probably because it appeals to the Edgar Allan Poe in me.

Why did you join Women of Words? I was referred by another member at an SEO event. It seemed like my kind of group (being a wordy woman and all), so I went—and I am obviously very glad I kept coming.

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